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[ Easy Blogger Creator Pro ]

Easy Blogger Creator Pro is the most comprehensive automated blog creator available today. Perfect for those who are looking to create SEO friendly, niche specific blog farms. Read More.

[ BlogSolution ]

BlogSolution is another automated blog builder. Unlike most other blog generators, it doesn’t use Blogger or Wordpress blogs. It uses its own proprietary blog engine, and its own blog poster and pinger. After you have installed BlogSolution on a domain, an unlimited number of blogs can be built in subdomains or subdirectories. Content ccan be pulled from rss feeds. Read More.

[ Viral Instigator ]

This program sets up a Blogger account, builds the blog, and configures RSStoBlog to post to it. It is fed by a keyword list. You enter the list, and all the site and RSStoBLog location and login information. Viral Instigator does the rest (except for the Captcha information you need to manually enter). Read More.

[ Rapid Niche Websites ]

A Package of programs, scripts and pluggins to quickly build a network of niche blogs (using Wordpress). Read More.